Turning Patients Into Informed Consumers

Exceptional Results

  • “Of all the things that I've done in my career in health care, this is the one that's been the most rewarding because of the impact it's had on people's lives.”

    Brian VP Compensation & Benefits – Diversified Technology & Manufacturing Company
  • “CMR is a game-changer – offering this benefit to our employees has been a huge win. On average, participating employees have used the benefit twice in the first year. Not a week goes by when we don't get a letter of appreciation. It's having an amazing impact on our employees' lives and well-being. Our employees avoided 26 unnecessary surgeries that saved them and us approximately $500,000 in unnecessary medical costs.”

    Erin VP Total Rewards – Financial Services Company
  • “MDS stands out as an exceptional program where our employees can obtain in depth and expert knowledge about any medical condition they or their dependents need to research. As a physician and as a patient myself I have used this program personally with great satisfaction. I wish there was a way to be able to refer my private practice patients to MDS.”

    Ed Medical Director – Financial Services Company
  • “CMR is the best vendor I have ever worked with. They consistently 'Wow' us by
    exceeding our expectations and those of our employees, and are always looking for ways
    to provide an even better experience. Why can't all vendors be like CMR?”

    Heidi VP Global Benefits – Consumer Goods Company
  • “ CMR/MDS provides patients with two critical decision making components:
    1. Current evidence based information to help make informed decisions and the ability to discuss the information with a recognized expert in the field to fully understand the data.
    2. Identification of centers of excellence and specialists to make the information actionable. ”

    James Medical Director – Technology Manufacturer
  • “Our employees have expressed appreciation and amazement at the
    quality of the materials they have received and the expert assistance.
    They are very grateful we provide MDS as a benefit.”

    Maria Senior Vice President – Financial Services Company
  • “Not only does this program improve quality and drive savings, it also shows
    our employees we care and supports overall employee engagement.”

    Jan Director, Health & Welfare Programs – Global Food Manufacturer
  • “Backed by CMR's expert knowledge-base, our employees are empowered to get the highest quality health experience available. Just about every time an employee uses CMR,
    I get a note from the employee expressing his/her appreciation that we offer CMR
    as part of our benefits package.”

    David Director, Corporate Benefits – Health Care Company
  • “The Medical Decision Support program delivers excellent resources and is a great value. The feedback from our employees has been extremely positive. We are particularly pleased with the Surgical Decision Support feature – many of our employees have made
    practical treatment decisions for something other than surgery or opted for something
    less invasive than originally planned.”

    Deb VP Comp & Benefits – Technology Manufacturer
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Our Services

Our Guided Patient Support™ (GPS) and Medical Decision Support® (MDS) services actively engage and support your employees to become informed health care consumers while lowering costs in a measurable way.

Whether it's cancer, low back surgery, or a child with ADHD, getting an in-person or remote expert second opinion, understanding your treatment options, or finding the best providers in your area, we empower your employees while giving them a high touch concierge experience.

We deliver exceptional results: Engagement-Quality-Satisfaction-Savings. In addition, our savings are 100% guaranteed and validated by independent actuaries at the claims level.

Even if you don't know us well, you will know the many Fortune 500 companies we serve. Bend your trend today while helping your employees make some of the most important decisions of their lives!


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